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BloggingThe word blogger refers to someone who posts articles, pictures, or videos on his own personal online site. It was derived from the word blog, which in turn was contracted from the term web log. Web log is a form of online journal or diary where a blogger effectively puts his thoughts, ideas, and stories online via a personal web account. He can either focus on his own personal experiences or concentrate on a single topic that may be of interest to other people.

Many people depend on trustworthy and reliable bloggers for their daily fix of world and local news. Most old-school media outlets occasionally mention blogs and bloggers as sources for the news that they deliver. Experts on different fields have started to become bloggers themselves to provide information on their expertise to a new burgeoning online audience. Initially seen as individuals who have too much time on their hands talking about their mundane lives, bloggers are slowly turning into prominent and reliable sources of information about a wide spectrum of topics.

Blogger is most powerful online marketing groups whatever what you business in like email marketing, ppc,seo,sem,affiliate,salon adds ect.

the blogger list come with blogger name,email ,address,phone,fax url.

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