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Here at LeadOffer, We undisputedly have the largest database of B2B marketing lists on the internet. Before you look below at the lists, please understand something very important: When you decide to give us an offer for ANY List, you will actually be given complete access to EVERYTHING! Thats right! That means that even if you came here looking for just one list, you will end up with our entire collection of databases! Available for instant download upon your purchase (after we have approved your bid). Now, DO NOT be scared or over bid yourself. Simply bid whatever you can afford and we’ll review  it for approval. Once the offer has been approved, then you are required to purchase within 24 hours of us sending you the payment instructions.

Here are the B2B Lists:

Misc. Leads: 8.5+ Billion Records
USA Business Directory and Registry: 45 Million Records
United States Corporate VP Executives Leads: 1 Million Records
Stock Investor Leads: 15+ Million Records
Nationwide Attorney Leads: 357,000+ Records
Australian Business Owners Leads: 2,370,208 Records
Austria Business Owners Leads: 178,880 Records
Architects Leads: 23,406 Records
Agriculture Leads: 100,000 Records
Allergy and Immunology Specialist Doctors Leads: 4,067 Records
Anesthesiologist Leads: 38,155 Records
Attorney Leads (Nationwide): 225,000 Records
Banking Leads: 2.5 Million Records
Boat Owners Leads: 1 Million Records
Business Executive Leads: 39+ Million Records
Book Editors Leads: 10,000 Records
Business Owner Leads: 39+ Million Records
Business Opportunity Seekers Leads: 30 Million Records
Business Registry Leads: 35+ Million Records
Business Opportunity Seekers (Phone Verified and Double Optin) : 500,000 Records
Belgium Business Owners Leads: 150,784 Records
Beauty Companies Nationwide  Leads: 25,000+ Records
Builders and Construction Companies Leads: 168,000+ Records
C-Level Executives (2012 United States): 175,345 Records
Cardiologist Leads: 24,577 Records
Canadian Business Owners Leads: 4+ Million Records
Canadian Consumers Leads: 5+ Million Records
China Business Owners Leads: 233,133+ Records
China Consumers Leads: 100+ Million Records
Chiropractors (Nationwide) Leads: 113,000+ Records
Car Dealership Leads: 145,000+ Records
CEO Leads (2012 United States Corporate): 3 Million Records
Chemical Company Executives  Leads: 500 Records
Church and Pastors Leads: 250,000 Records+
Celebrity (Private)  Address Leads: 10,000+ Records
Commercial Real Estate and Land Developer Leads: 100,000+ Records
Computer and Software Companies Leads: 73,000+ Records
CPA (Certified Public Accountant Nationwide) Leads (UPDATED 2012): 200,000+ Records
Cruise, Travel and Vacation Companies Leads: 36,000+ Records
Consumer Debt COMPANIES Leads: 43,000 Records
CBS Market Watch Optin Leads: 38,516 Records
Dentist and Labs Leads: 600,000+ Records
Doctor, Physician and Specialist Leads (UPDATED 2012 Version!): 21+ Million Records
Domain Name Owners Leads: 2.6 Million Records
European Executives Leads: 240,741 Records
Engineers Leads: 18,921 Records
France Business Owners Lists: 206,467 Records
Financial Leads: 2+ Million Leads
Fitness Gyms (Nationwide Leads): 3,469 Records
Food & Restaurants (Nationwide Leads): 27,758 Records
Fortune 1000 Companies Leads: 1,284+ Records
Franchise Leads: 3,900,414 Leads
Franchise Seekers Leads (optin): 4+ Million Records
Freight Haul Movers Nationwide Leads: 16,375 Records
Government Contractors Leads: 250,000 Records
Genealogy Leads: 696,746 Leads
Grant Seeker Leads: 151,618 Leads
Hard Money Lenders Leads: 100,000+ Records
Health and Fitness GYM Members Leads (OPTIN): 50,000+ Records
Health & Wellness Professionals Leads: 61,891 Records
Hospitals Nationwide Leads: 6,130 Records
Hotels, Motels and Inns Leads: 7,206 Records
Insurance Agents Nationwide Leads (2012 UPDATED!): 1+ Million Records
Interior Decorator Designer Leads: 6,073+ Records
International Business Owners Leads: 28+ Million Records
Italy Business Owners Leads: 180,619 Records
Investors Leads (Precious Metals and More): 3,240,288 Records
IT Companies Leads: 13,000+ Records
Jewelers Nationwide Business Leads: 6,462+ Records
K-12 Educators  (emails only): 1,723,823 Records
Lawyers (Family, Disability and Bankruptcy Law): 224,383 Records
Life Insurance Leads: 900+ Leads
Loan Officer Leads (2012-2007 UPDATED Nationwide): 2.5 Million Records
Marketing Executives Leads: 33,384 Records
Mortgage Companies Leads: 2.5 Million Records
Mortgage Owners Leads: 5,513,025 Records
Mortgage Leads (UPDATED 2012!): 600,000+ Records
Music and Entertainment Executives Leads: 40,000 Records
Nursing Homes  Leads: 650,270 Records
News Website Subscribers: 1+ Million Records
Paintball Companies Leads: 1,167 Records
Payday Lead Feed: 5+ Million Leads
Pharmacy Companies Leads: 6,163+ Records
Pharmacy Buyers Leads: 210,654 Records
Physician Leads (UPDATED: 2012): 21+ Million Records
Printing Companies Leads: 312,387 Records
Public Companies (emails only) 2,116 Records
Real Estate Agents (Nationwide 2012-2007 UPDATED) 3 Million Records
Real Estate Investor (REIA -National Real Estate Investor Association) Leads: 35,000+ Records
Refinance Leads (Double Optin): 2,221,279 Records
Reverse Mortgage Companies Leads: 50,000+ Records
Spain Business Owners Leads: 130,324 Records
Spanish Business Owners Leads: 7,000,000 Records
Switzerland Business Owners Leads: 224,386 Records
Switzerland Consumer Leads: 801,423 Records
Salon Owner Leads: 15,000+ Records
Senior Elderly Leads: 9 Million Records
Smokers Leads (Optin): 355,519 Records
Stock Investors Leads (Optin): 10,289,700 Records
Sport Betters Leads (OPTIN): 1 Million Records
Telemarketing Companies Leads: 3,764 Records
Taiwan Business Owners Leads: 152,541 Records
Timeshare Owners Leads (optin): 7,031,722 Records
United States Business Owner Leads (2012, 2010, 2009, 2008): 39,390,446 Records
UK Business Owners Leads: 13,153,360 Records
UK Consumers Leads: 15,133,488 Records
US Cell Phones Users: 8.7 Million Records
US Manufacturers Leads: 5,007 Records
US Residential Leads (Updated 2012): 75,812,932 Records
US-Affluent Leads: 250,000 Records
Video Game Players Leads (OPTIN): 1 Million Records
VERY HIGH NET WORTH – Accredited Investors Leads: 4,500+ Records
Venture Capitalists Leads: 10,536 Records
Vietnam Business Owners Leads: 51,213 Records
Women’s Interest Leads (OPTIN): 50,000 Records
Yacht and Boat Owners Leads (optin): 3.9+ Million Records

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