Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, MANY of our clients have questions regarding the purchase of any marketing databases. For many this is a new form of marketing and something they have never done before. With well over 18,000+ members we have tried to narrow down the the most important or frequently asked questions that have been emailed to us. If for some reason the questions and answers below do not completely help you or you have an additional inquiry, please visit our “24/7 Support” area and fill out our support request form.

Bulk Email List, Software and Deliverability FAQ:

Question: Please explain how I should submit my offer.

Answer: When you submit your offer, we know for a fact that people all over the world have various marketing budgets and levels of acceptable risk they can afford when buying data or marketing for their businesses. We’re not here to ask you what you feel like our lists are worth (because if that was the case, you would need around $1 Billion Dollars to buy everything we have). No, we wanted to do something fresh. Something no one in this industry has ever done before. We wanted to allow you as the consumer to give us an offer on what you could reasonably afford for the data your buying. For some people that might be thousands of dollars and for others it might be ALLOT less. We don’t want to turn anyone away because they have a budget problem. Thats why we have a guarantee that we will never refuse any reasonable offer! Times are tough here in America for some people and this is our small way of trying to help small business owners out. Also, when you submit your offer (regardless if its only for one list or all of them). If your offer is approved, then once you purchase, we will grant you access to ALL our databases!

Question: Once I purchase, how fast do I gain access to the data?

Answer: Upon purchase you INSTANTLY gain access to ALL of our data through our password protected ‘Members Only’ section.

Question: Is there any downloading limitations?

Answer: No. There is currently no download limitations at all. Once your account is activated, you can download everything as much as you please for as long as you want. There is no end to your access. It is a lifetime access account.

Question: How old are your lists?

Answer: That depends. We have lists that date back from 1999 till just this last week. We get new lists in every single day here.

Question: If I email, what kind of bounce ratio should I expect on any given list?

Answer: That depends on a TON of factors. The list age, the industry, your server’s configurations, your sender score and most importantly whether or not your emailing properly and getting around the various ISP’s Anti-Spam Firewalls (something we actually know how to do and if we offer an upgraded membership in our members only area where we can teach you these techniques and more). There are some lists that have bounce rates that are near to 1% and others that range from 15-30%. It depends entirely on the age, industry and type of list. This is another good reason for doing business with, since we do not have a pre-determined price point on any list, you can literally name your own price based on whatever your acceptable risk is for buying our entire collection of databases!

Question: Could I use these lists for more than emailing?

Answer: Absolutely! You can use them for mailing, calling, sms texting and more!

Question: Can we secure a database that contains US opt in consumer email addresses that are “geo” coded? In otherwords, can we select our list based on either a city or state rather than globally?

Answer: Yes you can. Its in our Consumer Optin Email List section there is a TON of optin USA based consumers in there (nearly 650 Million to be exact). Those Excel formatted databases can be broken down state by state or even by ZIP Codes. Also, depending on the list, you may even be able to break them down via gender as well. It really is an incredible collection of databases.

Question: If I Leased a Dedicated Server from Someone, How Many Emails can I Send per 24hr/1 Day?

Answer is: Depends. There are approximately 100+ different email software programs readily available for consumer use on the Internet. Each of these different software programs has different sending capabilities. Programs like “Open EMM” for example are limited to sending between 10,000 and 13,000 emails a day while other programs like “Robo Mailer” can get out between 2-20+ Million a day. Then, there is the consideration to ask the question of whether or not the list your emailing has been scrubbed for all hard bounces, bad syntax, time-outs, spam traps and or abusive and complaint emails (all of which left uncleaned from a list when you originally email it can have DRAMATIC EFFECTS on your servers CPU and bandwidth processes). It’s important to note sometimes that when some gets all our data from us that they are getting the RAW DATA as we originally get it. If we scrubbed that data (which we actually have services that can handle that) and took the time to re-upload all the data over and over each day, then you would be spending to the tune of nearly $3,000+ PER LIST with us instead of the incredible price of whatever your approved offer is. All of these factors can have an effect on the performance of both the email software and the server your using.

Question: If I were to Send Out Email Through My Own Software Using Your Lists, What Percentage of Those Emails Would Make it Into the Inbox?

Answer is: This depends on a HUGE number of factors. To properly get the highest in boxing ratio possible you’re going to need to have an expert understanding of the various Anti-spam Firewall Algorithms that are employed by ALL the different major ISP’s. Slight variations like email content, sending velocity, jpeg to text size ratios, size of email sending data-packets coming from your IP address and much much more all have HUGE implications for how and why you will be able to get into an inbox. I actually just recorded a brand new 38 minute training video specifically for my “Premium Members” that addresses and answers this question in GREAT DETAIL. In the video, I go over all the various algorithms and how to get around them so that you can have an extremely high rate of in boxing for each email you send out. All my methods are perfectly legal but they do require that you have an understanding that emailing is no longer a simple “point and click” endeavor like it was ten years ago. It is literally a science right now that you have to have perfect or else you will be blocked on nearly 99% of everything you send out.

Do you clean/scrub your list that you provide us?

Answer is: I actually answered this in question one. But reiteration, NO we do NOT scrub our data as we give it to you when you first sign up for our lists we give you access to the RAW DATA as we originally get it. If we scrubbed that data (which, we actually have services that can handle that for a separate fee for each list) and took the time to re-upload all the data over and over each day, then you would be spending to the tune of nearly $3,000+ PER LIST with us instead of the incredible self offered price of whatever you decide to send us for approval.

Question: Does this come with coaching/assistance? Like for instance I need help installing the bulk email software program with the list scrubbing will you be able to help me out and give me a step by step personal help?

Answer is: Once you have purchased our lists, you will be given a chance to upgrade your account so that we may assist you in events like this. Matter of fact we actually knew in advance that our “Premium Members” would need expert help which is why I took the time to actually screen record me doing an installation of the software onto a server! With our training videos, we show you step-by-step how to set up your very own commercial email system from A to Z. No stone has been left unturned in those exclusive training videos. We go over every single solitary aspect of EVERYTHING you would need to do in order to completely set up and maintain your very own bulk email operation. We feel that every client should be empowered with this invaluable “How To” knowledge. In addition to the extensive video training, I also make myself personally available via email if you have any additional questions. Also, every month we have live video webinar training for ALL our premium members where we coach and mentor our “Premium Members” for how they can improve their campaigns and make more money online. This is just another in a very long line of reasons why everyone should be RUNNING to sign up for a upgraded Premium Membership today!

Question: Can you recommend me to any dedicated server company with a decent price on it maybe like $300-400? If not, what requirement does the dedicated server need to be in order to run the software properly?

Answer is: We are only focusing on providing our customers with the best up to date databases possible. We make no recommendations to any particular hosting company. Truth is, any hosting with outgoing email functions could help you send legitimate CAN-SPAM Compliant email.

Question: Are we able to resell your list?

Answer is: Short answer is NO. Anytime I get question like this, I refer people to our TOS (which is located at the bottom of our website). People can try though, but we have more than one way of legally taking them offline (and have been very successful) in doing so with each instance when we find out someone is doing this.

Question: What else come with the upgraded premium membership?

Answer is: Nearly $35,000+ of extras. I do not name them because I want it to remain a very pleasant surprise when everyone signs up. You’ll understand if you ever sign up.

Question: Let say I go and lease a dedicated server and the lists have been scrubbed for 99.9999% of all the bounces and everything you explained. How fast would I be able to email? At least 1mil a day?

Answer is: YES. Under complete optimal conditions, you will be able to get out at least 1 million emails a day per domain and IP address.

Question: Also what is your refund policy? Do you offer some sort of trial or something like that? I’m very interest and ready to purchase it but I want to know how long it will take to set everything up.

Answer is: We have a no refund policy on ALL email List purchase sales. Also, we currently do not offer any trials periods either. Try to understand that we have no control over that information once it leaves my office. Whether you use it or not is out of my hands. Also, I have no idea of what type of email offer you’re sending out. I do not know the consumer demand for that product and have no idea whether or not people will even buy it from an email campaign. Like I said before and I will even say again, I am the most drama free guy in this business. If I have a client that remotely thinks they are going to have a difficult time or if they are very tight financially, I simply tell them not to do business with us. My preferred and ideal customer is usually a business owner or marketing director that knows exactly what they need and they do exactly what I tell them to do. Those guys buy without even calling or emailing me anything. At the end of the day this is simply advertising on steroids. Its not illegal but at the same time it’s not preferred by 99.999% of all hosting companies, domain registrars or major ISP’s. This is what makes my services so unique and in demand.

Question: honestly if you can make me at least 30k stock trader signup to my newsletter it would be awesome, I can pay you $500 and pay you much more as extra when the job is done .

My Answer: Consider this. It costs probably on average between $1.30 to 1.75 PER PERSON to get a lead from Google. Let’s say you have an average 10% conversion rate (meaning that one out of ten people will in fact optin to your website). That means in order to get 30,000 people to “Optin” to your website you would literally need to have over 300,000 “Unique” Visitors coming to your website (not hits or impressions but 300,000 completely different and unique people). Let’s say with Google that you had to spend thirty cents PER CLICK to get even ONE visitor (which would be good as heck BTW) then in order to reach your goal of 30,000 “unique” opted in records, it would cost you nearly $90,000 at a MINIMUM with Google to accomplish this task. Now consider that bulk emailing will get you around a 1% open ratio if you have a great campaign (that doesn’t mean that 1% go to your website nor does it mean that they “Optin” to your website or offers. All it means is that they looked at you’re email’s body content after reading your subject line. In order to get even 300,000 people to view your email you would need to send approximately 30+ Million Emails a Month. Now, since I do not know what can of consumer demand your industry has nor do I know exactly how consumers will react to getting an email for your particular industry (because I am not in the business of being a stock newsletter organization) I could not give you a proper estimate on how many people out of the 1% would actually end up going to your website and opting in to whatever your offer is. Let’s say though for the sake of this conversation that the number of people going to your website from actually reading your email (the 1% of your opens) is nearly .01% of the 1%. Meaning that for every 30 Million emails you deliver, you will have 300,000 people open your email and out of the 300,000 people you have .01% of the 1% that actually GO to your website. That means that only 3,000 people will have actually visited your website. Now, let’s still assume that your website has a 10% conversion ratio and that one out of every ten people that visit the website will actually “Opt into” whatever your newsletter is or offer is. That would mean (based on the math I am providing from above) that in order to hit your target goal of 30,000 “optins” you would have to have sent out a grand total of nearly 3+ Billion Emails. Now even if your lists were ultra scrubbed for every bounce, bad syntax, time-out, spam trap, abusive or complaint email and you were emailing NOTHING BUT “Good” Email records, you could expect to only get around 30 Million emails out per dedicated server PER MONTH (which costs $1,500 EACH with me). Since your goal would be to get 30,000 “Optin” records then that means you would need to order a MINIMUM of 100+ dedicated Servers. This would mean that you would have to have a marketing budget of no less than $150,000 in doing business with me. Now, thats still saving you money in comparison with the very cheapest of Google adwords. In either event like I stated before, I would NEVER look to get someone to “optin” to your website if you ALREADY have their information in your hand for only the cost of your originally approved offer. I would email them whatever DIRECT offer you have and treat these people as if they had already “opted into” your website. That would be a HECK OF ALLOT EASIER than attempting to get 30,000+ “Fresh Opted In” new clients for your website and you would not need a massive budget to accomplish this but rather a very small budget and maybe utilizing one dedicated server from us per month.

Question: What Results Can I Expect?


How to Rate a Commercial Email Campaign:

I created the following chart to help you better understand how you need to gauge the success of your emailing campaign. It is important to realize that when you send a commercial email campaign; that your reaching an audience that has never received prior correspondence from you. This means your open ratio’s are going to be dramatically lower than what they would be if you were emailing to a “relationship” based list (which is a list that directly opted into your website to receive email from you). Relationship based “opt-in” email lists generally have an open ratio between 30-60% and nearly zero SPAM complaints.

Since commercial email lists and purchased lists (where the prospect did not directly “Opt-Into” your specific website) generally have an overall lower open ratio, I have given examples below of how you would best judge the successes of any bulk email campaign. I judge the effectiveness of a campaign based on the amount of emails that are opened and by the click-through ratios of the emails intended recipients (These examples are based on my five years experience of emailing nearly 3 Billion people in nearly 15,000 bulk email campaigns).


2%+ Open Ratio: If you receive an open ratio of more than 2%, then I consider that you’ve had a VERY VERY successful email campaign. This means your subject lines for the email were near perfect and caused the supreme level of desired effect you would wish to have in a commercial emailing. Getting a 2% open ratio in commercial emailing is usually a rare event and doesn’t happen to often. Only about 5% or less of any campaigns will ever get this level of response.

1% Open Ratio: I consider that you’ve had a very excellent emailing campaign. I consider a 1% open ratio to be the ideal bench mark of success in any commercial emailing campaign. This means you have a great overall subject line and have your finger on the pulse of your audience.

.5% and above: Good overall campaign. It is typical that 75% of all email campaigns will usually end up between a .5 and a 1% open ratio. This means you’re making a good connection with your audience and you have not turned them away. With some changes to your subject line, you may hopefully find yourself at the 1% open ratio mark and above.

.1 to .5% Open Ratio: Poor performance campaign. I would recommend that you immediately change your subject lines to make a better connection to your target audience. I would also check your spam settings to make sure you do not have too many red flags in your message. Either you received this open open ratio because your audience doesn’t care about your subject line or your emailing on Saturday or Sunday (which are the worst days to send out bulk email). If you happened to send out a campaign on the weekend, why don’t you try again on Monday and see if you get the same result. If on Monday you see the same figures, then I would immediately change your subject lines.

Other factors: As we evaluate your campaigns performance, I will be looking for three overall factors:

1. If the email has a great open ratio (lets say around 1% open) but has a very low click-through ratio, then there is nothing wrong with the subject line but the content of your email probably needs to be changed to give your audience a better way of going to your website to receive your offer.

2. If the email has a great click-through ratio but has a low open ratio, then we know your email’s body content is great it is just the subject line that needs to be changed. This is an ideal problem to have because we know the body of the email is working great and changing a subject line is allot easier than changing the emails content.

3. If your email campaign is getting both great open and click-through ratio’s but you call us complaining that no one is either opting into your website or your making sales, then you have a website issue and not an email issue. I would suggest you make whatever changes are needed to your website to adapt to the desires of your target audience. Remember that you are trying to do two primary things: Create Desire from your audience and Establish Trust. If your getting good numbers on your emails but no results then you need to take a hard look at what it is your selling and how your selling it (also whether your offering is even in demand on the Internet). I personally think that about thirty percent of our clientele’s issues with emailing is that they have services no one wants to buy online (I.E. people don’t want to buy a golf ball online).

Question: Can You Look Over My Email and Tell Me What You Think? or Describe To me The Perfect Email.



I define the perfect email as one where you are able to connect to your core target audience in less than 3-5 seconds. That within that time frame, your audience has a reasonable understanding of everything you’re trying to offer them. This is important because you need to realize that the people on the Internet have VERY VERY short attention spans. They are connected to virtually all the human knowledge they can get their hands on and you need to convince them in 3 second period that what you have to offer directly lines up with a major desire or present need they may have. *Remember to let your website be your “Infomercial” to establish their trust. Anyway, below is a prime example of an email we would send out for a commercial email campaign:

Subject Line: New Loan Officer Email Database

Body Content:

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive list of loan officer and mortgage broker email addresses, then you need to come visit us today at!

We have the Largest Email Database of Loan Officers and cost hundreds less than our competition.

Visit us today at!

Only $$$ for our Entire Database of 480,000 email records.

See you There.




This email reflects in my opinion, the simplest approach to drive interested traffic to our site. We get the message across without getting the client lost in the message. In regards to overlooking your email. Personally I do not have the time to overlook each email our clients send out (remember we have 15,000 members!)

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