International Lists

Here at LeadOffer, We undisputedly have the largest database of International marketing lists on the internet. Before you look below at the lists, please understand something very important: When you decide to give us an offer for ANY List, you will actually be given complete access to EVERYTHING! Thats right! That means that even if you came here looking for just one list, you will end up with our entire collection of databases! Available for instant download upon your purchase (after we have approved your bid). Now, DO NOT be scared or over bid yourself. Simply offer whatever you can afford and we’ll review it for approval. Once the offer has been approved, then you are required to purchase within 24 hours of us sending you the payment instructions.

Here are the International Lists:

2012-1999 Misc. Leads: 8.5+ Billion Records
2012 Australian Business Owners Leads: 2,370,208 Records
2012 Austria Business Owners Leads: 178,880 Records
Belgium Business Owners Leads: 150,784 Records
Canadian Business Owners Leads: 4+ Million Records
Canadian Consumers Leads: 5+ Million Records
China Business Owners Leads: 233,133+ Records
China Consumers Leads: 100+ Million Records
European Executives Leads: 240,741 Records
France Business Owners Lists: 206,467 Records
International Business Owners Leads: 28+ Million Records
Italy Business Owners Leads: 180,619 Records
Spain Business Owners Leads: 130,324 Records
Spanish Business Owners Leads: 7,000,000 Records
Switzerland Business Owners Leads: 224,386 Records
Switzerland Consumer Leads: 801,423 Records
Taiwan Business Owners Leads: 152,541 Records
UK Business Owners Leads: 13,153,360 Records
UK Consumers Leads: 15,133,488 Records
Vietnam Business Owners Leads: 51,213 Records

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