live concert audience-consumer list

mickaFor many professional musicians, the real money is not in CD sales or Internet downloads, but in live concert performances. Besides actual sales of tickets to the show, many artists make their money through concert memorabilia and merchandise. Some of the most popular pieces of concert merchandise are concert T’s, or concert T-shirts. Concert T’s often feature a stylized image of the performer, tour schedules, album artwork or other iconic images associated with that artist. Concert T’s featuring teddy bears were very popular items during Grateful Dead tours, for instance.

the charge is five hundred a person , as much as the fee of a star vocal concert . even so it is not easy to get the ticket.

live concert audience/consumer is very valueble and comsumble group, they would like to pay big money for their super stars and reverlants.
The live concert audience/consumer list come with audience first name, last name, address, postal code, email, phone,and consuming details.

it’s 100% paid and acativated consumers and totaly 3,5000+ leads.

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